Pretty Things (A little DIY)

Over the $600 mark in my fundraiser for CCFA! Quickly approaching the $1000 mark – I’ve set a goal to reach it by Sept. 25th. Click here to help me and read more about why I’m fundraising.

As part of this fundraising program, I’m training for a half-marathon. Like, running. Yeah. Apparently it’s a thing that people really like to do. I’m getting there, but I still have some reservations, so I’m trying to mitigate those whenever possible. Just because I get all sweaty and gross when I’m running (or stretching, or just thinking about how I have to run later) doesn’t mean I can’t pretend like I look super adorable and put-together.

A girl can dream right? Anyway, while I may look not so much like an Olympic athlete as like a giraffe trying not get eaten by a lion (or a chubby, terrified child about to fall over and drop my lemon-flavored push pop in the grass), I at least want to like the things that I’m wearing. And for purposes of this post, that includes my headphones.

I don’t always wear headphones when I run, but when I do, I want them to look AWESOME.

Hence this little DIY tutorial. Because this project has been all over Pinterest lately, I realize this post will out me as a pinner (and you should follow me ok great), but I think I’m ok with that. I’m pretty sure I get a million bonus points in the game of Pinterest for actually completing one of the DIY projects I’ve pinned.

Like I said before, I listen to music less than 50% of the times I run (I like to focus more on my body and being present, which this book also strongly recommends – expect a scintillating review once I finish reading it!), so all in all I don’t think this project was worth the time for me. But, if you can’t run without your headphones, or you happen have 2+ hours to spare, go for it. Just be prepared for a lot of tedium. I guess you could be all enlightened and use it as mindfulness training. Or you could do what I did and watch 5ish episodes of Community.

Now without further ado:


What you need:

+/- 3 full skeins of embroidery floss, depending on the length of your headphones
  (the more colors you use, the less you need of each color)

What you do:

1. Tape the earbud part of the headphone to the table. Gather the ends of all colors of floss you’ll be using. Tie these in a knot around the top of the cord, right below the earbud.

2. Decide which color you will start wrapping with. Push the other colors of floss next to the cord. You will wrap the first color around these other colors and the cord.

3. With your first color (I used blue), make a 4, like in the picture below. Make sure the blue floss crosses OVER the cord and other colors of floss, not under.

4. Take the loose end of the blue floss, wrap it around behind the cord and other colors of floss, and pull it through the “hole” in the number 4.

5. Pull the blue thread tight. THIS IS YOUR BASIC KNOT. For the first inch or so, you will have extra floss next to the cord from initially tying all the floss to the cord (you can see it in the picture above, just below the earbud). Just make sure that your loop goes around this extra floss to hide it. Otherwise it will stick out at the top and look weird. And your awesome-looking headphones will not look so awesome.

6. Continue knotting the blue floss this way until you get tired of blue (I did about 1.5 – 2 inches of blue). Now it’s time to change floss colors. Nothing special here, just pull your next floss color away from the cord (I used orange), and put the blue floss next to the cord. Continue knotting in the same way with your new floss color.

7. Continue knotting the orange floss until you get tired of it. Then switch to the third color and knot it until you get tired of it. Go back to knotting with the first color.

8. Rotate colors in this way (or really, in whatever pattern you want) until you reach the part where the cords from each earbud join together. Knot right up until the join, then cut your floss, leaving a 1/2 inch extra of each color.

9. Repeat steps 1-7 with the other earbud.

10. Once you have again knotted to the part where the earbud cord join together, simply continue knotting over the join and down the rest of the cord. Remember to cover up the 1/2 inch of extra floss we left out in step 8 (from the end of the first earbud cord). For simplicity’s sake, I switched floss colors right where the cords joined.

11. Continue knotting the floss as before, in whatever pattern of colors you chose. Knot all the way down to the base of the cord, or until you run out of floss.

12. Once you reach the end of the cord (or of your floss), tie your final 2-3 knots with all of your floss colors. You can knot all floss colors with the cord, you can knot the different floss  colors with each other – basically just knot the hell out of it so it stays.

13. Trim any extra floss very close to the knots. Put some clear nail polish (or glue, rubber cement, etc.) on the final knots, just to make sure they don’t come apart. You’re done!

Seriously, this takes a while to do. I don’t want to discourage you, I just want to prepare you. This project takes some serious dedication and patience. But I guess so does training for and running a half-marathon. I’m now an endurance headphone-wrapper as well as an endurance athlete. Cool. Cool cool cool.


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