I’m in love.

Dear blogosphere,

I’m in love. With a pair of shoes. And no, their not Manolos, or Jimmys, or Pradas, or (those are all the expensive shoe brands I know because I’ll never buy any of them).

They’re Mizunos. And they’re covered in tiger stripes. You could say they’re GRRRREAT! (I’ve already said that many, many times.) I’m in love with my new running shoes.

How pretty? So pretty.

Marvel at their ridiculousness. They were some of the sillier-looking shoes in the store. But I assure you, when I put them on, I almost can’t even feel them. Awesome.

So, lessons learned:

1. Go to a real running store, not Dick’s or Payless, etc. (I went here.)

2. Be prepared to spend. I know it hurts, but it must be done if you want your feet, ankles, knees, and legs to survive. (I think these were $120ish?)

3. Expect that the shoes you end up picking out will be a ridiculous color/pattern. They will. All running shoes look silly. Embrace it – when you run in them, they’ll make you feel GRRREAT!!!


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