The FUNDRAGER (hosting a party.)

Want to raise over $800 in a single night? Party it up.

Saturday night was my fundraising rager, or “fundrager.” And it was awesome. I was hoping to raise $400-$500 for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America and it completely blew that out of the water. It seemed like everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves in a rather classy manner.

Everyone enjoyed themselves in a rather classy manner, as in, there was none of this. Thankfully.

I’m not really sure that I can break down what made the party a success, but I’ll try…

1. Most of my friends are either in college or have recently graduated, so they’re poor, but they like alcohol and music. I knew they’d give me money if I gave them those things (i.e. a party).

2. I have a few close friends that all live together and have a track record of hosting awesome parties. So obviously, I asked if they would host it in exchange for help with the setup and cleanup.

3. I was standing at the door the whole night, physically blocking the entrance until people gave me $10. And I really didn’t have any problems. No one tried to weasel their way in. Everyone was happy to help out, which made the party that much better. Plus, I got to hold a bucket of money. Literally, I put all the money in a bucket. Because classy.

4. The party happened to be right after a big orchestra concert at my alma mater (I went to music school), and musicians want a party after an event like that. Really, I think any group of people, no matter what the big event is that they’re putting on, would want a party after it’s over. (DISCLAIMER: in all honesty, I didn’t realized it was the concert night when I planned this party. I just got lucky on this one).

5. I have friends who have a band, as do a lot of people my age. Fortunately for me, they’re an amazingly talented band (listen to this). And the best part is that THEY APPROACHED ME. That’s right. I didn’t even get around to asking them to play. They said they wanted to, and I said hell yes. It was that easy.

6. Some of my close friends (and my mom!) were generous enough to donate all the alcohol and food. Just because they wanted to help out. And we went through it all. It was pretty impressive actually, on all accounts.

Even though we went through all of the alcohol, I didn’t see anyone end up like this poor soul. So thank you, party people.

Rounding it all up, I think the general themes here are understanding what will work best in your situation, and having THE MOST AWESOME FRIENDS IN THE WORLD. SO AWESOME THAT THEY DESERVE ALL CAPS. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

In all honesty though, I would not have been able to pull this off at all if it weren’t for every single one of them. From my friends who hosted and donated the booze, to my friends (and mom!) who donated the food, to my friends who played a 3-hour funk set for free (seriously, listen to this), I am so grateful to you all. And I am so grateful to everyone who showed up, for helping out both me and CCFA. Party on.


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