Falling off the wagon (motivational techniques?)

Friends, I’ve fallen off the wagon. This is the second night in a row where, instead of doing the workout in my schedule, I’ve parked it on the couch with Pinterest and some cookie dough. And no, this is not leftover cookie dough from some awesome baking project. This is cookie dough I made for the purpose of eating raw. I didn’t even bother with the pretense of adding eggs. Or preheating the oven. Yeah.

When I fall, I fall pretty hard. And, surprisingly, this one doesn’t even seem to have a cause.  Things are going pretty well for me right now: I ran 7 miles for the first time and didn’t have to stop once; thanks to my fundrager, I only have $400 left until I reach my committed amount (click here to help me!); I have a job that allows me to pay rent; I have a couple gigs coming up; I just had a successful lesson with this guy.

So why the irrefutable bout of laziness? I’m not really sure. It could be that I’m worn out from doing all these things all the time. It could be that I feel like I deserve a break because things’ve been going well. It could be that I’m just out of motivation, or in the middle of a motivational slump.

I doubt it’s the first one, since I still have a fair amount of free time. Maybe my subconscious has decided it’s option 2. I think the last reason definitely comes into play, as motivational issues have plagued me since I can remember. But this, again, is more of a symptom than a cause. Why is all my motivation gone?

You know what? I don’t know, and I don’t really care. All I’ve got to do is figure out what to do about it. Since I’ve always had trouble with motivation, I’ve fortunately developed some coping mechanisms. I find a deadline (making one up usually doesn’t work for me – I have to find/create an actual deadline); I find a reason (see this post for more on that); or I just suck it up and power though.

I think in this case, I probably need a combination of all three. I have a reason, I have a deadline, and I’m off work tomorrow, so I have plenty of time to suck it up and get shit done. And now that I’ve told you all, I’ve got some accountability. Shit. Well, here goes (hopefully more than) nothing! Peace.


4 thoughts on “Falling off the wagon (motivational techniques?)

  1. Laura you are amazing and YES everyone deserves a break. You are putting your body through something it has never done before. Celebrate it, pamper it ( eat the dough), let it rest. You are going to be awesome!!! And hey if falling of the wagon is playing on pintrest or whatever people do on that sight and eating cookie dough then do it becuase tomorrow you will get back on and rock it like the great person you are

  2. Your psyche and body need rest. You’re asking a lot from both. A break of a couple of days is no big deal. You’re doing something in a realm you’ve not spent a lot of time in. (I know I ended in a preposition, work with me here) It’s not as if you are not all ready very accomplished. Now you’ve taken on a whole new challenge in an area where you have no experience. Long distance training is hard. You’re finding out how hard, physically and mentally. You need to be sure you are very kind to your self. Work, training, side gigs, a pretty full life and very challenging. Don’t add to it by kicking your self in the ass if you don’t run 7 miles one day.

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