Things that are awesome (Hot chocolate, etc.)

I made it. 9.3 miles. With an official time of 1:36:33. And my entire body still intact! That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I define success. My knees are still giving me issues, but I’ve got some good advice from my coaches. I plan to punch my knee problems in the face, so to speak. Because I’m feeling awesome.

I finished a 15k and ran the whole thing; I’ve got less than a month until Vegas; I’m going to reach my fundraising goal any day now ($78 and counting!); I have today off work so I met my bff for lunch (read: pancakes); life is good.

In the spirit of feeling awesome, here are some things that are awesome. (How many more times can I use the word “awesome” in this post? Read on to find out…)

Thanks to Lauren for the photo! Click on it to visit her awesome blog!

1. Team Challenge. Since this was my first ever “official” race, being part of a team made it so much less stressful/more enjoyable. Here we all are at approximately 6:30am getting ready to head to our start corrals!

2. My race bib. Proof that I actually did this. And finished it. Me and approximately 40,000 other runners. It was a much bigger race than I was expecting, but it was great to be part of such a huge crowd (except when I was trying to find my teammates initially, at that point it kind of sucked – at least, being a giant, I can see over most people in a crowd). There was always someone to run with, and I really liked having that sort of community.

3. My finisher’s mug. I unfortunately did not take a picture of my real one, because I was too focused on shoving it into my face – and also not getting hypothermia – to worry about finding my camera. However, it contained yummy dip-able things and fondue to dip them in. Plus some hot chocolate, obviously. If only someone where there to hand me candy after all of my runs…

NOTE: these last two pictures don’t really have to do with running, but this post is in the spirit of all things awesome, so:

I ❤ street art.

4. This cool-looking painted brick wall that I saw on the side of a parking garage in the south loop. To whoever did this: thanks for making the world a little more beautiful.

5. My voter registration card and early voting receipt. I voted on Friday. At a poll. Like an adult. In the past 2 elections (1 presidential and 1 mid-term), I voted absentee. But this time I was actually registered where I live. So I went to my local polling station. Like the adult that I apparently am. And it was awesome.

Please feel free to share your own tributes to awesomeness in the comments. Because that would be awesome. Peace.


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