Vegas Recap (FINALLY.)

So. I ran a half-marathon. I did it. It’s over.

And it’s been over for over a month. Well then. Perhaps I owe you an explanation regarding my ridiculous absence and lack of closure. But I don’t have one #sorrynotsorry My only excuse was life. I got back from Vegas (an entirely different “world” unlike anything I was expecting), and life immediately picked back up from where it had left off. I had a week of teaching and work and gigs and then another week of teaching and work and gigs, and then another week, and then Christmas, and then New Year’s. And then a week spent wondering where it had all gone.

And then here. Here I am, and here we are. After an unexpectedly long holiday break, I have some real-world things to do tomorrow, so here I am writing this post in the hopes of finally closing up that chapter of my life. The chapter where I was a real athlete with coaches and teammates. The chapter where I did three things I thought I’d never do; two good, one bad. The chapter where I met so many brave new people and was repeatedly surprised by the bravery and selflessness of people I’ve known for years. All done.

A lot happened during the 14 weeks that I trained with Team Challenge, both with in the running aspect of my life and all the other aspects. I started a new job, I started teaching, I cut my final ties with DePaul (mostly), I started a blog (obviously), I created and deleted a Twitter account (I still really don’t get the point), and I was reminded why my best friend is – and always will be – my best friend.

I could list more I guess, but I don’t really want to. And let’s face it, you don’t want to read it. I’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath for every little last detail of my long weekend in Vegas, so here are a bunch of pictures. I’m told each of them is worth 1000 words.

My race singlet – infinite thanks to all my donors. Were this a better quality photo, you’d be able to find your name on there. I promise I wrote everyone!

Getting ready to start! So thankful that my coach Bill was with me!

Pre-race Team Challenge pasta party. Delicious and fun. And you can’t ask for more than that. Seriously.

Taken during the race. It’s a picture of The Flamingo – I promise! Whatever, it’s really hard to take a picture while running. Did I mention I ran 13.1 miles?

Stopped to take this during the race. That’s right, I added 30 whole seconds to my time (about 2hrs 20mins – 10:36 mile pace) for you people.

The lobby of my hotel (The Venetian). 1. Ridiculously extravagant. 2. A very welcome sight after running 13.1 miles.

An “outdoor” “town square” (read: shopping center) INSIDE my hotel. The place was enormous. I got lost at least 5 times.

A “canal” INSIDE the shopping center INSIDE my hotel. It was just like being in Venice! Except the opposite of that. Hilariously, nothing says “America” like a gaudy and utterly useless imitation of a foreign tourist attraction. Plus it was like $20 to ride a gondola.

Some Christmas decorations inside my hotel. Because when I think of Christmas, I think of giant peacocks. Or really, when I think of Vegas, I think of futile displays of extravagance. But it is pretty I guess.

For all of your superfluous luxury, Venetian, I still saw a cockroach on your floor.

After the race, I saw Penn & Teller. And it was awesome. Worth it (especially since I got the ticket for half-off).

Just look at that half-price ticket. Mmmm girl. And my “excited face.”

PS I met them after the show. So that was cool or whatever.

Me: “Thanks for the picture. You guys seem really genuine and I really appreciate that.”
Teller: “Yes, I’m good at faking that.”

I think I’m in love.

Saw this in the bathroom of a TexMex/Western/stereotype bar, and thought it was funny. Also I rode a mechanical bull. I’m pretty sure someone has video of it….

The Strip at night. I rocked it.

So there you have it. While Vegas wasn’t necessarily my scene, I did have fun (and only lost $20 gambling). And while I don’t see myself running another half-marathon any time soon, I have only the best things to say about Team Challenge. If you have any doubt, go back and read my blog (shameless plug? maybe). It was a challenge, obviously, but there’s a whole team with you every step of the way (cheesy? sure, but I couldn’t resist).

This is the end of this blogging adventure. Perhaps I’ll start another blog next time I decide to do something worth reading about, but for now, ta ta readers. ❤


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